Sunday, February 3, 2013

Progress Pic??

Progress pic, why yes, I will post one...if I HAD one!!  But noooo, the idiotic, possessed, devil-incarnate, blasted Sponge Bob just IS NOT co-operating with me!  I have stitched AND frogged the same freaking arm 5 times now!!  5 TIMES!!  It is really not that hard, and I guess I must be that stupid!!  I don't think the fabric can survive another frogging.  So I must get it right this next time.  I swear that one arm is driving me nuts.  So my stitching progress this week, well, it just has not been progress.

On the home front, Ty and the rest of us seem to be in some sort of holding pattern.  He's sleeping until 3,4, 5 and up till wee hours of the morning.  So very little interaction with him.  He's had a few smarmy comments that I reply rather bland and "whatever" to, and James comes back with some rather witty ones that make me want to give him a high 5.  I went to visit one of my friends my one real life friend, Della, 2 nights in a row and stayed out rather late.  Ty seemed rather worried about this and did not understand why I was not home.  He wasn't ugly about it, he just, I don't know, almost seemed pitiful.  But I didn't let it phase me and I really enjoyed spending time with someone other than my family and getting out of my house!!

It's been a rough week with Seb, but hopefully the re-direction will take hold.  He has done better this week-end so I have hope.  I was making lists yesterday and looking around the house at some things that needed to be done but yet would be almost impossible to get my guys to do. So I started wondering how much it would cost me to have someone come out and do them.  Then I though, hmmm.  I made a "For Hire" list and gave it to each of my 3 guys and posted 1 on the fridge.  It listed all the chores and how much I will pay for them to be done.  I will hold a family meeting the night tax returns come in and it will be a first come, first serve that night, for all 3, including James, to do some "for hire" chores and get some extra money.  And I get stuff done that I'm wanting done :)  Everyone will be happy.  Well, maybe not Ty, he threw his list away saying he will be working full time by then.  Hmm, we'll see.  Seb is excited over this prospect.  James thinks he shouldn't be included, but I do.  He deserves a chance also instead of just being left with what is left over as "honey do chores", after all, he works all day at work and he does so much around the house since I can't do as much. 

All the furs are doing good.  Crazy and silly as ever.  They don't like it when I'm gone from the house and tend to pout and act really obnoxious when I get back, but hopefully they will get used to it.  I don't want to keep isolating myself, getting out was good :)


  1. Getting out is definitly good for the soul. I am glad you had the chance to spend some quality time with a friend.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Sponge Bob's arm! You definitely have more perseverance than I do! Good idea about the For Hire list. I also make lists for my daughter since it's easier than talking to her!