Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a week!

It has really been a pretty rotten week.  We have taken a battering this week.  But we are still alive and so are all the furs, all the rottenness did not involve human, canine or feline health.  So I’ve never been more glad than to FINALLY make it to my cave yesterday.  I’m trying this rotation thing out.    I started it April 7th and that week I worked on “The Pack” By Janlynn:’thepack SSPX0001SSPX0009(5)

This week was supposed to be Coyote Portrait by White Willow Stitching, I got yesterday and one other day in earlier in the week.


Now today starts the rotation week for First Fall of Snow by Bent Creek.

firstfallofsnow(I will be doing the upper pic, not winter frost)

The following week will start my rotation for my first ever HAED!!  Fright Night!!


So there are my four in rotation.  The wolves are done on 14 ct Aida I do believe, Coyote and Snow are 28 Ct Lugana and I think Fright Night is on 25 ct Lugana.  I’m having the dickens of the time transitioning to this smaller ct, so I am already looking forward to the wolves rotation again!!  I’m really hoping that I will find my groove with this smaller count though.  If not, it will be back to 14-18 cts Aida for me!  I know with my glasses on, it is really hard to see, I take my glasses off, I can see it better, but it really strains my eyes and sometimes I have to pull out the magnifier. 

Oh, all the furs are doing good.  We are battling fleas already and my poor Cashew is hyper hyper allergic.  She is already scratching herself bald and scabbed.  So our trainer brought me some stuff to put on their food that uses garlic and it is already making a difference.  PRAISE THE LORD!  Amazingly it is no chemicals, all natural.  After the nightmare we went through with Cashew last year that is a plus.    The kitties are crazy as ever.  I’ve noticed Gambit loves to put his head down in the toilet and “sing” so it echoes.  They are both quite silly and love the toilet.  SSPX0022(1)

Sorry, I know you have to kind of squint and scrutinize, but that is Gambit and Logan.  One is hanging their head in the toilet and the other is licking their head.  You would think they had been on a drunken bender and one was puking and the other was being all supportive.  These two stalk you while on the potty.  As soon as it flushes, they pounce and watch the water.  They are crazy!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It is finished!!

I can’t believe it!  The Lord’s Prayer is finished!  It turned out pretty darn good.  It does have one pretty major mistake, but for it being pretty major, I don’t think non-cross stitchers will catch it, so I did leave it be.  As long as I don’t tell what it is, I think it will be ok Smile  Wanna see it? 


It is my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary gift.  she didn’t want me to have it framed though and try to ship it framed, so she will have it framed.  I will be mailing it out today Smile  I’m so happy!!

So I have Ty’s wolves on the snaps, Whistler’s Coyote and I finally got it gridded, at least enough to start it.  I’m going to go ahead and put the HAED on the snaps and start gridding it but I still need to floss shop for it.  Since those are 3 more “complicated”  (I call anything with lots of confetti stitching complicated) I need to pick out 1 more that is an easy stitch.  That will give me 4 projects, and hopefully I can do a weekly rotation with them.    Goodness knows I only have about 20-25 things picked out for “this year” and they aren’t “smalls” either.  And to top it off…I keep buying more!!

On the foster pup note, I am happy to announce that she has a middle name, Seb picked it out, she is now…drum roll please…Shelby Alabama.  Now, for those of you who do not know us, the bestowing of a middle name is a very special day in our household.  It comes with the bestowing of your very own permanent ceramic doggie bowl because it means you are a permanent member of the household!  Yes, James caved.  Lord help us!!  We are trying to work with her shredding every toy in the house and anything else that happens to fall on the floor…pens, pencils, inhalers, shoes, leather jackets….  I’m hoping once my foot heals and I’m more mobile I’ll be able to work with her more.  I think the clincher for James was when the next door neighbor came out and was calling her and saying “come to mama” and Shelby looked at her, put her hackles up and growled!!  Good girl Shelby!!  She knows what love is now. 

Ty applied to Burger King and got a part time job there.  It is a start.  At least he was able to tell them about his epilepsy and still get the job.  So things on the home front are doing pretty good too!