Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paybacks and more snow

Finally a quiet weekend!!  James has no gigs,no practice and no on-call.  Finally a quiet full weekend at home.  Maybe we can get caught up on a good house cleaning Smile  He is so good about helping out and doing what I can no longer do when it comes to the housework.  Yesterday was errand day and I found and sale and had a coupon for a different cat litter than I normally buy.  Something Scoop in a purple box.  So we transferred it into the Tidy Cats container.  The lid wouldn’t close all the way and I really didn’t think it would be a problem.  It was only for a day or two as it is time to clean the kitty box on Sunday and filling it back up would solve this problem.  See where this is going?  Yeah, I think the kitties are miffed that I spoiled their kitty litter “cover the floor'” antics by getting them a covered littered box.  They solved that problem last night.


Wasn’t that just terribly sweet of them??  Needless to say the lid now closes.  Little twerps!!

I got my order from Silkweavers in!!  Yay!!





<Sigh>  I love my new fabbys Smile  I also ordered two new patterns from Kooler Designs. 



I did try to stitch on Halloween House this past week, but have lost all desire to stitch on it.  After putting in about 20 stitches I decided to just pack it up for now.  I worked on Ty’s wolves, “The Pack” for a bit, until he came in and totally upset me.  Then I switched to “The Lord’s Prayer”.  This one seems to have my undivided attention right now.  It is gorgeous and it just calms me so much as I stitch on it.  I guess I’m just not a good “rotation” person.  I feel like a bad “stitch mommy”, neglecting all my other stitch children in favor of just one.  Here is where I got to day before yesterday:


I didn’t get to stitch yesterday due to a nasty headache.  Nothing was getting rid of it, then my mom told me to try some meclizine.  That did the trick, which shocked me.  It is trying to come back this morning, so I’ve taken some ibuprofen and a trusty meclizine.  Hopefully that will keep it away so I can stitch.  I woke up to a slight dusting of snow on the ground.  I was NOT happy to see this.  It has luckily already melted, BUT there is a front moving in and we are expecting 1-3 inches sometime tomorrow.  I know it is much needed moisture, and hopefully the cold is helping get rid of nasty summer critters hibernating in the ground, but I am sick of the cold.  I am ready for the moisture to appear in rain.  I’m off to stitch now!  I hope everyone has a wonderfully crafty weekend!


  1. The Lord's Prayer looks beautiful! Shame on your naughty kitties for making a mess!