Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not a week I want to repeat!!!

Wow!  We had record snowfall here in Amarillo.  19 inches in 1 day!! 


Gambit insisted on going out and exploring.  He would be on the porch sniffing and just a shivering.  But he still wanted to be out there.  He didn’t believe me when I told him if he kept it up he wasn’t going to have to put a coat on!


I even got very brave and got a little silly.  There is just something about huge snow drifts that can not be resisted!


Of course trying to get up and out of a snow drift is easier said than done and the doggies were absolutely no help!


I did get some stitching done.  Just about halfway done with the Lord’s Prayer when I realized an egregious error…


yep, not enough room to finish it out on that side.  I totally centered the material wrong on my snaps.  So I am starting it over and this time marked my margins before putting it back on the snaps.  I haven’t been able to stitch for a couple of days now due to such severe hand pain.  I did have my dr appt yesterday.  My first time back in a year, which is really sad considering all the pain I’ve been facing and most of it new.  I really expected to hear “osteoarthritis”.  I can not tell you how much I expected to hear this.  But after talking and an exam, he really does not feel it is arthritis.  When I can afford to he wants to do some test to definitively rule out RA, but he very much feels it is fibromyalgia.   I just quickly looked at a fact sheet of it last night and was shocked to realize what I thought fibro was is quiet a bit different than what it is.  We’re making some med adjustments.  He talked to me about making myself a priority, and although he understands finances are tough, that I really need to see him more often.  That me just living in this sort of pain is unnecessary.  Life is not about seeing how tough I am.  That I need to take care of myself.  He really is a wonderful dr that takes the time to talk to you.  My goal is to go back in 3 months, see how I’m doing on new meds and get that RA test done.  So that is about it in my corner of the world!!


  1. Oh what a bummer about running out of room on The Lord's Prayer! I put my fabric in my Q-snaps sideways one time and had to rip out everything I stitched and start over. Yuk.

  2. Ohh I hope you sort out the error in your prayer stitching..
    Stay warm x

  3. Another nightmare...I can't stand the thought of doing this...sorry!

    Hope you find the answer to your pain soon...