Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wowsers, it’s been a while!

I didn’t realize it has been so long since I posted!!  I’ve kept thinking about it, but just haven’t sat down to really DO it.  So much has happened.  First off, let’s give some progress pics of Lord’s Prayer….

SSPX0006(3)SSPX0007(7)SSPX0008(7)It fits, it fits!!  Yay!! I’m so happpy!!  The last pic is the halfway mark on it!!  I’m finally settled in and ready to get to stitching on it again.

A few days before I left for Dallas my neighbor approached me about their dog that they couldn’t handle anymore and were going to try and find a home for or “dump off”.  Now, their kind of “home” would probably mean dog fighting fodder.  So sucker and softy that I am, I took her in as a foster.  She is one messed up dog with serious issues.  She was deemed unadoptable and recommended to be put down.  James insist that we can not, absolutely can not keep her as we have 5 dogs already and the limit here is 4 animals period.  She had made great progress with us, but I’m not sure how she would do in a new environment.  Here is a not so good pic of Shelby:


Then I got to go to Dallas for 4 days to see my mommy.  OMG, I had so much fun.  It was sooooo relaxing and fun.  I started teaching her to cross stitch.  What’s funny is that when I got there, my suitcase with the broken leg fell over on my foot.  Oh boy did that hurt and start to bruise up.  The next day, I rammed a toe into this metal thing against a curb.  Then the next day I rammed my pinky toe into the foot of my mom’s bed.  ALL ON THE SAME DARN FOOT!  That foot sure did hurt and it kept getting worse.  Finally after being home for 3 days I took myself to the er.  An xray showed that the suitcase had originally hairline fractured the foot, but the weeks worth of walking on it caused it to actually break.  4-6 weeks OFF the foot.  Then after being home for a few hours, totally bummed, the radiologist called back to inform me 2 other bones were fractured.  Dag nab it. James brought me home a boot yesterday and said I should be able to walk with it, so I walked with the boot yesterday.  When he got home he royally chewed me out, guess he changed his mind.  And I am paying for it let me tell you.  My foot kept me up most of the night and has done nothing but throb and throb.  I can't get crutches yet, so I’m having to use Ty’s.  He’s 6 foot, I’m 5 foot 5.  His arm rest hit right below my shoulders, so I have to put my hands on the hand thingys, but not under my arm pits.  Oh my lord, that puts a huge strain on your arms and back.  And it’s not stable.  I am so sore.  I have also found you can not successfully carry a cup of coffee, a soda or anything else while using crutches.  And I have many very narrow doors in my house.  This 4 weeks is going to go VERY SLOW!!

On the other front, I’ve decided to try my hand at container flower gardening this year.  And I’m starting off at seeds.  I planted my seeds yesterday in little greenhouses yesterday, so we’ll see how this goes Smile  Hopefully it will go well and I will get SOME flowers, unfortunately I picked many seeds that don’t bloom for a year.  Yep, I really don’t know much about flowers.  So I will be going back to the nursery for more!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Has anyone seen my memory…mind…whatever?

Oh goodness what a week.  I know in the past year or so I’ve started forgetting stuff.  I mean walk through the house to a room to do something but forget by the time I get there and worse.  I blamed it 100% on the Topamax (stupamax).  Now with a soft diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I’m wondering how much of it is Topamax and how much of it is fibro?  I think I got a little taste of it yesterday.  I got up, did a few things around the house, put some tea on the stove to start, and decided to get out of the house for a bit.  After running 1 errand and getting all the way across town from the house, it dawned on me, I never turned the burner under the tea out. No batteries in the smoke detectors.  OH MY HOLY COW!!!  Ty is sound asleep, no phone.  Called James, he is out of town. I’m picturing a fire starting on the stove.  I called a friend of ours whose mother lives next door and told her what was going on and she got her mom to go beat on Ty’s window till they got him up and got him to turn it off.  The tea was a blackened ruin in the pan.  The red pan was turning black on the outside.  The miracle here, and a testament to these pans, it’s a Paula Deen pan, it all came clean and undamaged!  So I finish my errands and get home.  Now I did put the pan w/water on to boil to help loosen the burnt remains in the pan and I was toodling on the computer.  James came home for lunch and we chatted for a bit and it dawned on me Seb had a dr appt.  So I left to go pick him up.  After we got to the dr’s office I called James, praying and hoping he remembered to TURN THE FIRE OFF from under that pan!!  I DID IT AGAIN!  Luckily James caught it.  After the dr’s we get home and I look at the chicken that I’m supposed to turn into dinner and I feel like I’ve slammed into a wall and can’t lift a finger.  Exhausted, completely and utterly.  We got take out.  So, things that I’ve thought were other things, I’m seeing connections to fibro.

I’ve been working on Lord’s Prayer (take 2) and making good progress.  I’m still loving stitching it.  This is where I got to last night:


I had company…of course Smile

SSPX0011(2)Cashew was very comfy at my feet curled into the blanket Smile

SSPX0010(3)This blob, believe it or not, is Issabella.  I don’t know if you can tell or not, but she is literally WEDGED between my leg and the arm of the chair.  She is so wedged she is not touching the seat of the recliner.  Sorry the pics are a little blurry, it’s a camera phone and my hands were shaky.

I haven’t stitched yet today.  I did some shopping.  I got me a cute outfit for Dallas and it was soooo cute it had to be worn tonight.  So I called hubby and suggested a date night.  He readily agreed and we had an awesome date night.  Here I am all ready for date night:

SSPX0012(2)It has been AT LEAST 6 months since I have felt positive, good, happy enough to put on make up and fix my hair and put on something other than sweats.  So this, this is a miracle.  Hubby was shocked when he got home and saw me all “dolled” up…he likey likey.  We had an awesome date night and just so the boys wouldn’t be totally left out, we ran by DQ and took advantage of the B1G1 for 99C blizzards.  Yummy.  I’m now snuggled into jammies and new toe socks and pulled the hair into a semi-high pony.  I’m rocky the cute bedtime look!

BTW, do you know why the text is in PURPLE (at least I hope it’s purple, I use LiveWriter to do the blog and upload it and I hope it goes over the way it should!!)?  March 26th is  National Wear Purple Day to help raise awareness for Epilepsy.  As many of you know, my son has Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and it is a long hard word to travel.  We now face employers that won’t hire due to the epilepsy, even if they don’t come out and say it.  Wear purple to show your support of Epilepsy Awareness.  There are 50,000 death in the US PER YEAR due to epilepsy.  To give you some perspective, there are 39,520/year from breast cancer, 15,000/year from prescription overdose, 12,000/year from skin cancer, and 10,228/year from drunk driving.  Now think about how much you hear about some of these other causes, how much some of these other causes get in research, epilepsy is WAY down on the ladder.  Awareness needs to be raised not only for research, but to help take the stigma out of it for those who suffer from it.  1 in 10 people will have at least 1 seizure sometime in their lifetime.  For many, that will be the only seizure they have.  But for too many others, they will continue and they will be diagnosed as having epilepsy.  So please, wear purple, post in purple, stitch in purple, speak out, do something please to help raise awareness!