Sunday, February 17, 2013

It’s not really over is it?

After all it’s a 3 day weekend right?  Even though I didn’t officially sign up for IHSW, I still participated.  I spent most of the weekend on Halloween House.  I got a page finish in!!


When I started I was maybe halfway through the third roof.  Everything to the left of the roof had been done.  So I feel pretty good about my progress.  I still had an hour or so to go this evening before I wanted to stop, so I gridded the wolf pattern a little.  And took it out.  And gridded it again.  It still doesn’t look right, but it will do.  I tried to get some stitches in, but dang it, misread the key and used the wrong color so had to frog it.  So no real progress there.  Now I will be confused as to where I’m at and have to find my way as I had highlighted it as done.  I so hate it when that happens!!  So instead I got some snuggle time in with Mr. Logan.


He’s kneading as he drifts off.  He usually does this suckle thing too.  Left over from when he was a bottle fed baby I guess.  He’s such a cutie patootie. 

Issabella was jealous.


And not to leave my baby girl out, here is Cashew.  If the weather is decent she goes with me to pick Seb up from school.  The weather has to be decent because she insist on the window being down and I refuse to freeze my rear off for her.  I had forgotten that Seb was staying after for tutorials, so we went to Sonic.  I got a corn dog and Cashew got tater tots all to herself.  Then we went back to the school and had to wait.  Cashew didn’t like the waiting.  It was different than normal and she wasn’t sure what was up, but she was happy to be with her momma.


She’s a happy girl!!  And yes, that’s the leg of my Valentine jammies!!  LOL.  It was a jammy day!!


  1. sending you lots of love..
    sweet stitching x

  2. Hi Shanda - I'm am so full of apologies because I haven't sent out your soap! Not only that, but I must have deleted your email with your address. I am so sorry but if you can email me privately I will get that out this week. I wish I could say that this is unlike me but I am truly sorry.......Beth

    BTW, love your furbabies....mine aren't real thrilled with this crazy cold weather either :)

  3. Lots of progress and cute fur babies too :)

  4. Halloween House looks great! I also stitched on mine this weekend, finished the green roof on the right side. Your cats and dogs are adorable. Dogs always love to go for rides in the car, don't they?

  5. Halloween House looks wonderful! I really need to get to work on mine. Oh my,Logan looks so big! Cashew looks like he purposely stuck his tongue out to the camera, so adorable!