Monday, January 16, 2012

Manic Monday

Before this weekend on wolf.
So I stitched on "A Beautiful Wolf" this weekend.  I went to thread a color last night and the bobbin was missing.  It was late so I though, okay, bag it and look for it tomorrow.  Well, I've searched high and low for it and can not find it.  Why do I get the feeling one of the furs took off with it.  Going through all my thread, I DO NOT have another skein of this color!  So, no more wolf until I'm able to order that color.  So I thought, well, ok.  I wanted to start on "Recipe for a Snowman" anyway, so I started to kit it up.  How in the world, in all the thread ordering I did last month did I miss 5 colors needed for that one?  But I did it.  So no snowman.  So, I pulled "A Home Is Made" to work on.  I won't be ordering any more thread or anything until tax returns.  But I do have a wonderful project to work on.  Go figure, it's a Monday!!!
After this weekend on wolf:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Unfinished Finish and some eye candy

Woo Hoo!!  I finished the Noel today!  And of course after I finished and looked it over, I saw a pretty big mistake.  But we'll let it float :)  The pattern did call for a single red line through the white to make it look candy caneish.  I want to do it with sparkly thread, so I'll have to wait for that to come in.  I also want to jazz it up a little but just don't know what to do.  Buttons?  Something sparkly?  I don't know, what do you think?

That means that I have pulled " A Beautiful Wolf" out to work on.  This is where I got to last: 
He is a pretty big piece to work on.  I think it's going to take me awhile to finish this one.
Last month I did this little guy, planning to turn him into a little card for my parents.  Well, you know the best laid plans!!  I never did get it made in to the card, maybe this year!!
Sorry they aren't the greatest pics.  Again, cell phone cam.  Can't wait till February when I can replace my camera!!  Also sorry for the odd spacing of these suckers.  This is a new way of doing the pics for me and I haven't figured blogger out yet.  James has a gig tonight, I just fed the boys nachos, so I'm ready to settle in with some stitching.  I was so upset last night about 10pm.  I was stitching Noel and then it dawned on me, it was Thursday night.  I had missed GA and Private Practice.  So bummed.  I'll see if they are up on the web to watch tonight.  In the mean time I'm still watching X-Files.  I'm into Season 3 now :)  Anyway, hope everyone is having a great day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Terrific Thursday!!

I have my first finish of 2012.  Well, I consider him a finish.  I need to get a little carrot button for his nose.  Then figure out how I want to finish-finish him.  I'm so happy though!!
Sorry it's a little blurry.  Having to get my Seb to take it with his phone, then post it to my facebook, then I save it to my puter so I can load it.  This is snowbuddies from the 2011 JCS Ornament issue.  Yes, if you look at the issue, you will see some mistakes, but I think I covered them pretty good!!

Now I'm working on Noel from Enjoy Cross Stitch.  My pickings from my listing are a little slim since I need thread for so many of the projects.  I'll be so glad when we get tax returns and I can order the rest of the DMC thread and have a full set!!  I'm also gonna order some gorgeous fabby and specialty threads that I need.  I've been commenting on some of the blogs I read, so I'm working on that goal too!  I'll probably finish Noel tomorrow :)

Hope everyone has a wonderfully stitchy day!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 Days...2 Posts!!!

Hello blog world!!  I'm bored!!  And I think I'm in trouble!!  I've got "A Beautiful Wolf" soaking.  I picked it up the other day and someone had spilled something on it.  So in the mean time I've been working on "All Decked Out".  A cute snowman that should of been done with 3 threads, not the 2 I've done 3/4 of it in.  I'll go back in with another thread of the right color and some kreinik and add a stitch when I'm able to place my order after taxes.  BUT, it is just not holding my interest!!  I think I did maybe 40 stitches on it today.  I did go through and pick out what I want to try and stitch this year.  I keep wanting to go start a new project.  I'm afraid I'd overload though!!  I'm not good at rotating.  And I'm worried about freaking out if I have too many projects going.  But then the other side of the brain says, well, you want to stitch 2 ornies a month, maybe you could pull one of those out??  

I did at least do a few things around the house today.  That helped my mood tremendously!!  I think a lot of the mood thing is the not being able to get out of the house.  I got my camera cord in today but it's not charging my camera.  My BIL just stopped by and we were able to find out that the cord and plug works, so it's either the battery, or James messed up the internal part of my camera trying to plug in the bent cord.  Luckily, my BIL is going to try and get the battery checked for me tomorrow.  Although I don't want it to be the problem, I would rather it be that than the camera itself.

Tas is limping a little more strongly today.  I did try to look at it again and for the first time I was really afraid she was going to bite me.  The toenails all look real good and I checked them real good.  The pads look good.  Everything looks good.  I did give her a pain pill, then she went running all around the yard like nothing was wrong.  Of course when it wore off she was limping more.  Little stinker.  I have called the vet, he said it could be a bruise from stepping on something in the yard, to a sprain, to a fracture.  But there is no swelling.  She really freaks at the vet and has to be tranquilized every time.  And I mean heavily tranquilized, almost like anesthesia level.  We're going to watch her for another day or two.  If it gets worse we'll take her in.  But even the vet said if it's something that we have to wrap it for, we know how difficult she is about that.  Even coned she has to be tranquilized to keep the wrap on.  Over a few days, that can be hard on their body.  So it's some difficult choices.  Probably the best choice at this time is to just keep an eye on her.  If she gets more protective of it and stronger limping, then most def. take her to the vet.  I wish my camera was working so I could post a pic of her!!

James should be home from practice soon.  I've been watching X-Files while he's been gone.  But I'll probably give the TV up to him to chill when he gets home and head off to read.


It's 2 am do you know where your children are?

Ha, Ha. Mine are in bed, hopefully snoozing away. Although it does sound like Seb might of just fallen out of his bed!!

Bummer day today, I'm just feeling a little out of sorts, but no biggie. I'll bounce back! Tas is limping and I have no idea why. I checked her paw and could not see or feel anything. But it was sensitive because she let me know she did not like me messing with it!

I guess a better question for me tonight, is do I know where I am? And yes, yes I do. It's 2 freaking am and I'm laying here in bed, should be asleep, but instead messing with my blog. I haven't eaten since taking my meds, and it seems that James and I must eat something for our sleepy med to kick in. I finally found out how to change the background to one more like the others I see. I love it! Does that count as a goal met for this year?

Okay, I'm off to eat a pb&j sandwich, QUIT messing around on the internet, read and hopefully GO TO SLEEP!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy (Late) New Year!!

Christmas was pretty cool around here. We had Markham Christmas over at Aunt Denise's. I had a bad sore throat so didn't cook anything. Everyone seemed to like their Cross Stitch ornies that I made them. We all got some great little gifties. The biggest surprise was a nice chunk of change for both James and myself. We really, really meant for it to go towards repairing the car. We had to wait till a friend could come tell us exactly what I needed to order for it. Um, yeah, you guessed it. We spent the money!! I got the boys stocking presents which was so fun. That is something we have not done in years as they just want cash. But it was really taking the Christmas spirit out of James and I. James ordered himself a tablet which he adores!! I got tons of DMC thread. I want to have a full collection and I'm about a quarter of the way there now. I also got for my stocking all 6 of the 6 Fat Men patterns by LK. I also got some specialty threads for a few patterns I already have. Oh my gosh, when the thread came in, I swear I wanted to just put it all on the bed and rooolllll in it! I also ordered the cord for my camera so as soon as it comes in I will be able to post pics!! Yay!!

I started the New Year out with a strained back. It's not my lower back which is just chronic pain and when it flares it is really hard to move. This is upper back. I haven't messed it up since I quit working @ DG. Not sure what did it! So I haven't stitched as much as I'd like. James and I watched Dick Clarks Rocking New Year Eve. You know that is just a strong tradition. But it is so hard. We're horrible people. I'm sure we all remember the pre-stroke Dick Clark. And I so admire him continuing to do this since the stroke, really I do. But it is so hard to watch!! It's just not the same. I don't have New Year's resolutions, but I do have goals for the year.

My first goal is for James and I to quit smoking this year. Finances are so tight, but if we quit it would solve that problem. We really just can't afford to keep smoking, not to mention the health benefits.

My second goal is to get myself into the doctor and back on my thyroid pill!

Third goal is to get finances on track better. We're doing better with monthly bills, so much better! But we have such a long to-do list. Luckily tax returns will help with a lot of that. On the list is the boys Christmas money, Dolly and Tas to vet. I'm sure Dolly will have to have a growth removed off her leg, she is limping quiet a bit. Tas needs to go on meds for seizures. Of course, getting the car fixed (not just the damage from the wreck, but also that manifold gasket), needs new tires, a new windshield, and the registration/inspection as well as oil change.

Fourth goal is to get the dental work James and I need to have done, done. He has a couple of teeth that need to come out through oral surgery then a few cavities to fill. My gum's are receding and I need one of those deep cleanings.

Fifth goal, to get better at commenting on all the blogs I follow. I read, but just don't post. I also want to become more active in the Yahoo groups I am on. I post some to Stitching Sister, but am afraid I have left ILCS in the cold as it seems strange to double post. I also want to start posting at least weekly on my own blog :)

Sixth goal, is to actually sit down and pick out the projects I want to stitch this year and plan them out.

I think that is probably enough for now. The boys will be keeping me busy also. Tyler starts his first full semester of college and it's all online courses. In the past he has not shown good habits of managing his time, so I will be constantly checking on him. (read: nagging) Seb is really struggling with school this year. He is so freaking smart but so darn forgetful. He is actually failing courses. So he needs to be constantly monitored. James loves his job, but it is def. stressful for him. He now has the added stress of all the errand running that I normally do. So once the car gets fixed I'll be able to go back to that. With Seb's weekly counseling, and normal errands it will be busy again! But it will be nice to be out of this house again!!!

Well, that is all for this posting. I hope everyone is healthy, happy and stitching away!

PS. I just thought of one more goal!! As I read blogs I love the layouts people have of theirs. I would love to learn to do that with this one!