Friday, February 15, 2013

Okay, so I couldn’t resist….

I was really going to try and wait until the last order of fabby came in and then do an all in one pic of my awesome fabby’s…..  Yeah, I couldn’t wait.  I had to pull out what I got to do and look, and touch.  I also partnered them up with the patterns they are going with.  So here is what I got in the mail today….


Aren’t these some pretty colors??


The 2 green’s are silkweaver’s if you couldn’t guess.  Nothing in particular for them yet, just liked the colors Smile  Lots of beigeish colors in this one.  I have a particular pattern I wasn’t sure what color I wanted. 

homecelticThis is the pattern and I ended up going with the parchment aida, which is the very top fabric in the 2nd picture.

SSPX0004I know you can’t see these very well.  Sorry about that.  Camera phone and you know how that goes.  The one in the background is the Lord’s Prayer and it is calling to me pretty loudly and will probably be put on the snaps this weekend.  The other is the Glendon Place “Come Sit a Spell”.  It is too cute, but man 95 colors?  Whew.  Yeah, considering there are 13 projects in the project bag, 3 on snaps and 3 to be bagged…1 is a HAED, 3 are Witch Stitch ‘n Bitch patterns?  Yeah, Sit a Spell may go in the file box for a little while.


  1. There is nothing better than adding to one's fabric stash!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous stash!
    Lovely patterns too!
    Love your Spongebob finish!

  3. Beautiful fabby sis! I love the Glendon Place one! I like your Sponge Bob too! Keep up the great stitching!

  4. It's always fun to get new fabric in the mail! Isn't it great to have lots of projects to choose from? Hmmm... what to stitch tonight!