Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stitching Progress :)

It looks like I will have a finish tomorrow to show!  Woo Hoo!!  I started my oldest nephew's very late Christmas present.  Santa was just too busy and didn't tell me until Christmas Eve what they might like (a little fib, actually my brother was a little late telling me and I didn't find out until the week before!!).  It is easy and a quick stitch.
He is a little Minecraft finatic so hopefully he will enjoy this. 

And here is this week's progress on Halloween House:
  I hate that the weekend is over!  I really want to pop another movie in and finish my nephew's, but it's time for the regular week schedule so no staying up until 2am stitching and watching movies.  With Seb's room right next to my cave, the movie and light interferes with him being able to sleep.  So it's off to bed and reading I go.  But tomorrow I will finish his, then I need to start my youngest nephew's spongebob one.  Once those two are out of the way I can focus on Halloween House again :)  It is nice to take a little break from Halloween House though.  I just hate working with a hoop.  I have 2 8x8 homemade qsnaps, but I never could find the right material to make the clamps.  Does anyone out there have 8x8 Qsnaps that they wouldn't mind measuring the clamps for me?  If I can find that out, then I can maybe just order replacement Qsnap clamps that would fit the ones I made, then no more hoop!!!


  1. Super great progress..
    Love cucki x

  2. Can't wait to see your nephew's project finished! Nearly there, keep it up :)

  3. Your nephews will love the Minecraft and Sponge Bob projects! It's so nice to make something personal.

    I have 8x8 Qsnaps. The clamps are 1" wide measuring from the outside edges at the widest point. The opening is 3/4". There are ridges inside the clamp, which grip the fabric really well. The length of the clamp is 5-3/4".