Monday, January 7, 2013

A finish and a start....

I finished the Minecraft one for my oldest nephew :)  It is done on 18 ct cream Aida.  The pattern is by Lord Libidan on Etsy.  Now to give it a wash, iron and frame :)

I did get started on Spongebob..not much progress for today.
Not a lot of stitching today, it was not a good day.  Need a re-boot for the week.


  1. I'm sure your nephew will love it! I also stitched a video game design for my son by Lord Libidan.

  2. I don't know anything about Minecraft, but SpongeBob I know! Looking forward to seeing him come to life.

    Hope your week gets better.

  3. It is so cute..I am sure your nephew will love it..
    Have a lovely week x

  4. Same as Astrids dragon, looking forward to see SpongeBob :)