Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not so stash stash day :)

One of my facebook Silkweaver sale orders came in. This is from when they had all those cute adorable snowmen.  I'm such a snowman fanatic!!  This is what I got :)

Aren't they just the cutest?  I'm waiting for James to get home and improvise me a hanger to hang the one on the desk so I can hang it on my door.  I love my little snowmen :)  And yes, I did get me a piece of fabric!  I noticed I've been ordering a lot of blue, so I get a pretty light purple color.
I'm still plugging away on Spongebob, although I have taken a break for a few days.  Between Ty's EEG, his Canada revelation, and my escaping into some reading, I've just not been stitching.  But I am in the cave today doing some stitching :)
I still have another Silkweaver package coming in hopefully this week.  I got a couple of patterns and a piece of fabby, maybe 2.  I hope you enjoyed the pics!


  1. The fabric is beautiful! Sponge Bob looks great. Have fun decorating with your snowmen!

  2. Aww sweet snowman and super cute fabric
    I love sponge bob too x

  3. One can never have too many snowmen! That fabric is beautiful, so many things could be stitched on that one.

    I'd better not let Nathan see Spongebob, or he'll want me to make it for him!