Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blog Land Enablers

So catching up in blog land, I came across this blog by Tama, I now blame her for enabling me.  Of course I had to go take a look, and look at what jumped into my cart:

Spiderman, which James adores.
Light and Life, which hopefully Seb will like :)
Wolf of the Trees, for Ty.  Of course it may be a long while before this one gets stitched :)
Wolverine, I was thinking of James along with Spiderman on this one, but this one is just not Wolverine to him, it is of course, Hugh Jackman.  Which is who we non-nerds think of as Wolverine, but who is NOT the iconic comic book Wolverine, so this one just may never get stitched.

All for less than 8 bucks!!  Now that is a price you just can't beat!
Go on over here and check them out, I dare you!!  So many amazing patterns delivered right to your email, instant gratification!!


  1. Wow they all so lovely
    Have gun x

  2. Oops have fun
    Sorry it typed wrong
    Love x

  3. Those are great charts. I bought something from that website before but I'll be going back soon. The charts are on sale!

  4. WOW - those are some wonderful charts that jumped into your cart! I may have to go check out that Spiderman :) Thanks for enabling!!

  5. She did to me too! Now we are stitching 'Snowing' together. On the other hand I wasn't any better - I made her join me in 'Guardian Angel' SAL.