Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Finish of the New Year!!!

I'm so excited!!  I've been working hard on Halloween House, and no before anyone gasps, it is not the finish.  It is coming along nicely and I'll probably have a progress pic after this weekend.  My stitching group as a stitch-in every weekend so I'll wait till after the weekend to post a progress pic :)

Anyways, I took a short break to work on our groups first ever small pattern January SAL.  This pattern was picked because yes the Newtown tragedy was heavy on my heart and as all tragedies like that do, it brings back the horror of losing my own daughter. 

The heart is done in DMC 4240 which is in their variegated or variations, it's of the blue blends.  She was a September baby so her birthstone is a Sapphire and the blue represents that.  Of course her wings are done in pink, DMC 48.  The variation in the coloring is much more prominent in it, which seems to be the main difference between those 2 color lines.  It is done on lavender sunset and it is either 28 or 32 count, stitched over 2.  Except I did the name over 1, which is what really made me feel like I just might be working on 32 count, had to pull out the magnifier and I'm still cross-eyed.  I'm very, very happy with it and think I will probably finish-finish it into a cube for my shelf.