Saturday, February 25, 2012


Finally it's letting me post the pic of the unfinished-finished snowman ornie I wanted to post last post. Woo Hoo!  Is it just me or does this snowman have a long nose?  Hmm, makes ya wonder doesn't it?  So today should of been my last day to work on 6 Fat Men on my rotation schedule.  I've really been struggling with that 32 count. But man, today was super bad.  My eyes crossed, they watered, they stung, I miscounted and had to rip stitches and I ended up in tears.  I'm figuring maybe it's due to be soooo tired from not sleeping right.  So I'm putting him away a day early and am just going to work on another easy snowman ornie.  Tomorrow I will try working on A House is Made.  It's on the count I'm used to and hopefully I will sleep better tonight, so maybe stitching will go better tomorrow :)  I'm not going to give up on 6 Fat Men, I'll keep him in rotation, I may just have to go slower and less than a week with him.  I don't want to get so frustrated with him that I do give up on him.  So here is where I'm at with him now, after after to rip out the stitches that I had miscounted.  Not far, sad to say.
So there he is all bumpy and knarled up looking.  But hey, that is learning :)  I'm so tired right now I'm not even sure I will stitch right now.  I think I will kick back and read.  I refuse to take a nap, but reading sounds nice and relaxing, maybe I'll stitch after dinner and family night, or maybe I'll just stitch tomorrow when I (hopefully) feel more rested!  Stay safe, warm, don't blow away, love your furs (and your humans) and stitch happy and avoid the frog!


  1. I think you are making great progress. I have not moved beyond Aida yet, so you are tons braver than me!

  2. I saw your post on Daffy's blog about not knowing if you had that word CAPTCHA turned on on your blog. Seeing as how I had to post on my own blog (I deleted it) to make sure I didn't, I thought I'd post just to let you know -- you have it off already. Hooray! I HATE those word things, especially teh ones that aren't words.

  3. Woo, another word verification free blog! Thank you, Shanda!

    Oooo, I can never stitch when I'm sick or really tired. I end up frogging or repeating the same mistakes over and over. Keep working at it. You CAN handle this!

  4. Cute snowman. I also turned off my word verification.

  5. What a cute snowman.

    By the way, our 6 Fat Man SAL will be starting on 9 April. I see you've already started yours but you're still welcome to join us :)


  6. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Love your snowman finish and great WIP too.

  7. Your stitching is beautiful Shanda! As for the 32ct fabric, you may need to get some reading glasses or magnifiers to make it easier to see, thus less stressful for your eyes and easier to stitch. I bought a pair of those reading glasses you can buy near the pharmacy at Wal Mart, or in a drug store like CVS or Walgreens. I brought the fabric I was having trouble seeing with me, and tried on the different strengths until I could see the fabric more easily. Now I can stitch on it again! I hope this helps :)

  8. Your snowman finish is adorable!! I find that when I'm tired, I don't like to stitch over-two. I've actually been using my mag eyes to stitch on 28 and 32ct lately and they've helped a lot. I don't get as much eyestrain.

  9. Nice start!! Hope you have as much fun as I am stitching these cute and fat snowmen.