Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ewww, but I'm gonna keep plugging

So I"m not too pleased with my progress on 6 Fat Men, it's lumpy and messy.  But it's a lack of experience issue and it's either put it away until I get a lot more experience, which I really don't want to do, or just keep going at it, which I will do.  But, I did get soooo tired and tired eyes from squinting, that I did put it down a day early and go to ornies.  (supposed to be ornie Wednesday and I started on Tuesday and continued today).  So here is where I got to on 6 fat men:

It's been a rough week.  A roller coast with the car.  We need to order one more essential part before the belt can even be put on.  That has been a mess.  I ran out of zoloft and thanks to the Topamax forgetfulness I kept forgetting to remind James that this was "refill meds" payday.  Usually I get the money and tell him what bills to pay but he wanted to "hang on to it" so if him and TJ found a junk yard with an Equinox they could look for that part and he could pay for it.  Well, by the time I remembered to tell him I needed my Zoloft there was no money left.  So I was out for a few days.  Not good when you're in the midst of changing your mood stabilizer also.  So I've just been one hot, crying mess.  Up and down, up and down, up and down.  I think most of the money went on cigs as James has probably been smoking way too much if his coughing and hacking is any evidence.  But I did find a way to get my meds today, even if it meant James could not get his cigs today (even though yesterday he said he was at peace with the decision to quit today), but decided today he wanted just want more pack and planned to smoke them all tonight and then quit tomorrow.  He will just have to make due with my menthol lights.  If he hates them that much, well, maybe he will quit.  And after the hot mess I've been, maybe it was good advice that the doctor didn't want me to add quitting smoking to the medication changes.  He wants to make sure I"m stable on new meds first.  Anyways, today I did very little stitching because I was just a blubbering fool.  I didn't want to do anything but want to crawl in a hole and disappear.  Didn't feel like anyone wanted me around unless I was doing something for them, otherwise I was just a nagging, bad mood, grouchy, snippy annoyance.  But I did manage to finish one little snowman ornie and start another.  Tomorrow I will start back on 6 Fat Men until Sunday.  Then I will work on A house is made for a week, then the wolf.  I was going to add Halloween House for a week, but really want to get wolf done, so I will wait until a project is done before I add it in.  I got the awesome lamp in from Nancy.  It is so amazingly sweet!!  So bright!!  OMG, what an amazing difference it makes.  And the little tray to stick all my little stitchy things....just amazing.  Oh and a magnifier!!  I can't wait till 6 fat men's turn again!!!  I won't be so squinty!!!  And a little clip to hang the pattern!!  Oh how nice nice nice!!!  I adore it!!  I did put it in my bedroom and re-arranged my little bedroom corner.  I just don't know how to fit in by my corner of the couch without it getting constantly run into and knocked over.  If the base hadn't gotten destroyed in shipping (yes, the concrete base got shattered) I wouldn't worry about it getting knocked over, instead they could just have broke toes...LOL!!  But I don't mind having my bedroom corner!!!  I listen to Pandora or watch Hulu on my puter and am happy as a clam.  There is also much more room for the doggies!!!    Anyways, here is the pic of the unfinished finished new little snowman ornie :)
Well, forget it I guess, been trying for over an hour to upload it and it won't let me!!  Maybe tomorrow!!!
Stay safe, warm and sane!!  Happy stitching!!


  1. I think you are doing a fine job.

  2. Shanda you can go to Threads, thoughts and other notions and sign up for the SAL. We work on it every Monday, just one day a week. Your piece looks very nice you should keep going that is how you get better.