Sunday, February 12, 2012

I just might get a page finish this weekend!!!

Oh to of started so many projects and to of messed them up and stopped them.  So I keep plugging away at this wolf.  Don't get me wrong, there are errors.  But some of these colors are soooo close together it is a forgiving pattern.  So here is where I was last:
And here is where I am so far tonight:
I'm hoping to get another 100 done tonight :)  And you know, I figure you all deserve a picture of my stitching crew.  Some of you know (my sisters from over at Stitching Sisters Yahoo Group) that I have 5 furbabies.  2 bigs and 3 littles.  Dolly is our white german shepard/lab mix, Tas is our epileptic german shephard/husky mix, Princess Issabella (a.k.a. Issy, Boo Boo, Issy Boo) is our little Chihuahua, Cashew is my baby and is a Jack Russel/Pug mix and finally there is Angel who is a terrier mix.  Well, for me to stitch I camp out on the couch.  I use the arm of the couch for my needles and thread.  If it's a short stitch the coffee table is kept horizontal to the couch and I squish out the recliner part of the couch.   This makes it harder to reach my soda though and it decreases the room for the doggies.  If the doggies are insistent on needing their space, or I'm settling in for a long night/day of stitching, I move the coffee table vertical so I can reach my soda easier and fully recline my recliner.  Then there is lots of space for me and the 3 little furs.  My living room gets cold and we are out of fire wood and with this weather, I really don't want to invest in more, so I've set a space heater up beside me on a step stool.  It's quite comfy!!  So with all that long winded description, here's a pic:
Cashew is the orange and white, Angel is all black and Issy is there under the pink blanket.  Those are my "little" babies!!  Okay, back to stitching!!


  1. Love your stitching buddies ! That is how it looks when I stitch, except my helpers are cats ! They even lay on my shoulders while I am stitching ! I hope you get your page looks great so far ! hugs..Linda J.

  2. You are really coming along on that wolf! Good luck with him...