Sunday, February 19, 2012

Squinty Sunday

Hello to everyone in blog land!!  It has been a highly interesting week!!  Had a little mental craziness with changing my meds, but am much more stable now.  The males in the family drive me a little nuts, as usual, but that is guys for you.  It was Kenzie's heaven birthday, but as much as the guys drive me nuts, they were so very amazingly sweet to me also.  The topper was "stubbing my toe" on the hearth of the fireplace.  It hurt like the dickens for all of 5 minutes and scraped the toe.  No biggie.  I spent the rest of the day going all over the house all about my business no big deal.  The next day I woke up in horrid pain and had to call James at work to take me to the doctor.  In less than 24 hours the toe had already started getting infected.  Great, just great!  So much for being pre-diabetic!  And also, I fractured my foot.  It hurts like the dickens and I'm stuck on my rear.  It's one thing when I choose to sit on my rear and stitch all day, it's a whole nother ball of wax when I'm stuck here and have to stay here!!!  Luckily it is better than the first day, slowly, but surely.  I got my packages from 123 stitch, boy did I.  300+ bucks of DMC thread.  And I've already wound it all!!  What else can you do when you're stuck on your butt all day!!  I meant to get pics, but I put it all nice and neat in my little corner and don't have the pain tolerance to get back up and snap pics.  I stitched about 700 more stitches on wolf before I got frustrated with Ty and didn't want to stitch on it for a bit, so I had James put it up, yep, before I got a progress pic.  Plus, now I have all the thread for 6 Fat Men and couldn't wait to get started on it.  I got the recommended Amber Linen for it (my mom and auntie bought it and just bought the "kit" for it).  Oh my, there is so much difference between 18 ct aida and 32 ct linen.  I think I'm getting the hang of it.  I've already made a few mistakes, but you know what, from a few feet away it will look just fine and that is what counts right.  That piece of fabric is one huge piece though!!  It is a bugger to work around.  I am finding that I can't stitch on this one with my glasses on, so I have to take them off and squint.  Shhh, don't tell James, but I did order a neck magnifier.  We'll see if it helps.  With the way my living room is, I can't use a stand one.  My living room is small and the vast majority of it is taken up by my L shaped couch.  I can't even set up a TV tray to use, so I use the arm of the couch and spread out beside me.  I have to put the recliner up to make room for the doggies.  Here are some pics of 6 Fat Men, very, very little progress....going to go a whole lot slower on this smaller count!!!  Okay, so blogger is being a pain in the rear and won't let me post a pic of the fabby.  It's an 18x27 piece.  You never realize just how big it is till you have it in your hoop and all that extra is in your way.  I know you can't see alot in the upper pic.  I'm doing it all in one piece and almost done with the 1st sentence.  All day.  woo hoo.  I am enjoying it though.  But you know, something has been percolating in my forgetful brain.  Okay, DMC has blanc and B5200, 2 types of White.  Then in buying thread for 6 fat men I get introduced to weeks overdyed.  And they have whitewash.  which is white.  How in tarnation do you overdye white???

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