Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Non-Stitchy Update

Not because I haven't stitched, but because I just haven't taken the time to take pics.  And well, to be honest, I haven't done that much stitching.  I got really pretty sick and then whisked off to my mommy's to recuperate for a week.  So that was a few weeks of no stitching.  Before that I was kind of in this out of sorts, mad at everything, sort of depressed funk and didn't feel like stitching.  I'm finally getting back into my groove though and have been stitching, it just doesn't look like much when I sit back and look at it so it doesn't seem picture worthy :)   James's mother has come in for a visit this week and it has been so much fun.  I've enjoyed having a gal in the house to talk and gossip with and have company.  The car is almost put back together and functional.  I'll get the registration renewed on payday then I can gad about town again.  The inspection is  due, but I have to get tires and find the short in one of the rear lights and I don't know if I can do that this payday or wait till next.  I'm so ready for some freedom!!  Next week, (we'll have the car back to driving over the weekend) I'll be back to doing the errands, bill paying and dr's appointments) I think I'm going to have another fight on my hands.  My son, Tyler, has several little challenges.  He has asthma, severe allergies, IgG subclass 3&4 Deficiency, Von Willebrand's and Epilepsy.  He is a Freshman in college.  Very proud.  Well, I've noticed the last 3-4 months he keeps having these episodes of just really bad exhaustion w/weakness and dizziness.   He says there are moments where it feels like death has just literally touched him.  He'll sleep 12-14 hours.  No fever, no obvious sign of illness.  Last 3-7 days.  Then he's fine for 2-3 weeks and then we have another bout.  I remember living at the dr before he was diagnosed with IgG with him always sick and I kept asking, why? There is something going on, he is always sick, what the hec?  And the docs always blew me off.  Well, my gut was right.  And my instincts are starting to really shoot off like rockets that something just isn't right about this.  This is not a growth spurt, it doesn't seem to be an obvious illness, but yet, it is not normal.  And it really affects (or is effects....I can never remember) his day to day life when it happens, it's harder for him to do his school work, he has no interest in his games, it utterly drains him to walk from his room to the bathroom (the other side of the house), he does get nausea with it.  So Tuesday we're going to the doctor and I'm ready to raise the roof.   I'll try and get some pics early next week of my stitchy progress.  The weather has been gorgeous, which of course means welcome home sinuses!!  I hope everyone is at least finding some relief for sinus and allergies, enjoying gorgeous weather, avoiding the frog and having many happy finishes!

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  1. Glad to see you are back!

    Hope that the doctor figures out the problem with Tyler.