Saturday, June 15, 2013

Loving my mailman!!

What a week!  This week started off VERY rough!  The washer “broke”.  It was the filter, but getting to it was NOT easy, 3 days later fixed.  There was LOTS of Tyler drama.  He moved back to Amarillo.  It took one night of him “living” with his friend Jake to become humble and talk right to come home.  He talks a good talk, but he always has.  We are waiting to see if he will follow through for more than 2 weeks.  Please pray for him!  He is going to get back in therapy too. 

My mailman made this week all worth it.  First I got my Silkweaver order.  Talk about stash enhancement!!

SSPX0009Frightful Pumpkin, I love this fabby!

SSPX0010Golden Promise, this pic does not do this fabby justice.  I fell in love with it!

This order only had those 2 fabby’s.  But are you ready for the patterns?



Grimm, Glumm and Gloom, Witches Wheel, Easter Avenue, Murky Manor, Eggs Ala Round, and Ghoul School.  I have several Glendon Place patterns, I must like them or something!

THEN, I had received a gc from sis Kim.  Oh how I love her.  I ordered the rest of the DMC thread I needed for Snowmen Ala Round.  And the beads, which I got 2 of since I needed another for Sleepy Hollow.  I need to order another black since I SPILLED mine.


THEN, today we got a settlement check that will get everything out of pawn and pay rent.  I paid my phone and Ty’s adult drivers ed course also.  Oh, and my next silkweaver’s order, a couple of AAN patterns and a subscription to JCS.  I got James 3 months of XBOX Live Gold for Father’s Day.  So a little splurging.  I can also fill up the gas tank, we were down to an 1/8 of a tank with no more money until the 28th.

This week was really stressful at first.  With Ty, no child support, and no spare money this payday and bills stacked high.  God blessed us in a miraculous way with that settlement check!

OHHH, and the black ‘burban was totaled out due to all the hail damage.  Thank goodness I had gap insurance, which paid it off just barely.  But, since I am through a “tote the note” guy, he was real nice and put us in another ‘burban.  It is white instead of black, 2000 instead of ‘97, and 173K miles instead of 209.  So that all worked out also.  God is really at work in our lives isn’t He.  Praise be to Him!!


  1. Beautiful fabric and great charts! I have one Glendon Place chart, but not the same as yours. The Eggs Ala Round look great! Thank goodness your check came just in time!