Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday night wrap up….

I hit a good stopping point on Oriental Dragon on Saturday, so I rotated early.  I just started Oriental Dragon and am please with the progress I made.  I really hated to put it away, I was just enjoying it too much!!  6 weeks is going to be a long time to wait for it’s next turn!!


I got 2 columns on the 1st page done!!  Woo hoo!!  I’m now working on “The Pack”.  I got a row on the 1st page done this weekend, so that is exciting.  It’s now kind of like a contest to see how much I can get done in 1 week Smile  I did play with my PCStitch, Winstitch and another patternmaker.  But I just am not good at this whole converting pattern making thing.  This is what I originally had:

dpdbadge1My dad spent 20 years as a Dallas Police Officer and was also on SWAT.  But, when I showed this to my mom, I learned that daddy’s badge was gold because he was a Sergeant.  I tried to change the silver to gold and just couldn’t fathom it.  It needed color tweaking because I don’t think lavender really belonged in there.  But again, that is just beyond my skill set.  Then I found this one:

daddysbadgeGold, perfect.  BUT, I really want the flag background!!  So bad!  I tried layers, but then there is the white around the badge and I just couldn’t erase it right.  Not to mention the letters and scroll design between Dallas and Texas get all blurred once I convert it.  So I am very, very frustrated.  I wish I could find a class to take on learning how to do this.  But nope, there aren’t any.  And I’m just not the patient kind to sit and play with it.  So it is once again tabled as I mull it over some more.


  1. Beautiful stitches..
    Big hugs x

  2. Oriental Dragon looks fantastic! Sorry I can't help with the photo pattern problems. I'm not that patient to try anything that isn't easy! LOL