Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seriously..June 15th was my last post?

I am beyond falling way behind then.  I do have somewhat of a reason though.  I normally use LiveWriter to do my blog.  Well, my 'puter died.  I had to get a new one and I still haven't loaded livewriter on it.  But, I thought, maybe, just maybe I'll be able to write my blog like normal :)

Ty, hmm, poor kid, he is having ups and downs.  Thankfully today was a talking day.  When his mood flips, there is no talking to him, it is very adversarial, but today was a good day.  He got stuck for the longest on his Driver's Ed, and we talked about that.  But he did finally finish it, his certificate is being mailed.  So now it is a matter of getting him driving and experienced so he can take his driving test.  It's a little scary because he's only taking his seizure meds every 2-3 days to try and make what is there last longer.  He has no insurance now, those meds are easily 500 a month.  He has applied to the local clinic here, but no word yet.  And since it is for indigents, it can take forever, so he is probably going to have to run out of meds, run the risk of some of the most dangerous seizures, and when he has one, take him to the ER and maybe it will get the app pushed through faster.

Hmm, on the stitching front?  I'm not sure where I last was, so here is a current report and pics:
First Fall of Snow is finished.

Goonies I did for the hubby, and the Mephobia for Seb.  The cancer one was for a local Bike Run Breast Cancer Benefit and the flag is the most recent of my patriotic finishes.

The MicKenzie tree was a model stitch, the Cancer poem and pink ruffle scarf were for the same benefit.

Another wonderful Silkweaver package :)  I got 2 DMC grab bags, a pattern grab bag and of course some gorgeous fabby :)


Some works in progress:  Oriental Dragon, Spring Butterfly and Coyote Portrait (re-started on different fabby)

And wouldn't you know it, I can't find the pics of the other patriotics I finished!!  I also have another silkweaver order, but I don't have the pics transferred.  I set my scan disk that holds the mini disk somewhere safe and I can't find it!!  I'll have to wait till my phone is back on to email them to myself so I can load them.  Same for the progress pic on The Pack.

I'm trying to crochet.  I remember doing it when I was little but it sure isn't coming back to me like cross stitch did!  I'm not going to give up and I am going to keep going at it until I figure it out!  That has taken a lot of cross stitch time.  But I did get 200 stitches done on The Pack and I pulled out A House is Made to work on in the evenings.  I have to have something out to cover my tracks as I'm working on the Labyrinth  quote for James's birthday.  I doubt I will have it done by Friday since I can only work on it while he is gone to work, but I'm going to give it a good try!!  And I guess that is all my updates for now!!



  1. Love the coffee mug and the snow picture...

    I think a lot of us are suffering summer blues ;)


  2. Aww beautiful stitches and Sweet coffee mug...
    Great stash.
    Big hugs x

  3. I do like the coffee mug pattern. Can we trade for it when you are done? Please? Your stitching is lovely as usual.

  4. Wow! You have been stitching up a storm! The Patriotic one is so nice and the Breast Cancer designs are beautiful. All that fabric and floss and charts are amazing! What a lucky stitcher you are!