Friday, April 6, 2012

Girl Cave!!!

I finally have my own little corner of the house!!  At the back of our house is a little storage room.  Well, I cleaned the hec out of it during some spring cleaning and made some room for me.  It has a door so I can close myself in and it's pretty darn sound proof.  Got a recliner in a yard sell and I have my own little girl cave.  Guess where I've been most of the day?  I love it!!
My chair faces this wall.  My mommy gave me the guardian angel picture.  I love angels :)

Close up of my candles.
My stitching corner!!  I think I have a few little more tweaks to make, but overall I'm pretty happy with my own little corner of solitude :)  Crank up the tunes!!


  1. That looks like a great little stitchy hideout! Good job!

  2. Girl cave is pretty dern sound proof.The storege room look like a cave.

  3. I looks great. I love the window!

  4. Shanda,

    Just came over from Lesli's blog. I love your "girl cave" and the fact that you can shut the door is awesome.

    I also love the addition of the two quilts on the wall in the more recent pictures.

    I have a corner in our bedroom, but much prefer the family room where I can talk to my husband for actual stitching. When my oldest son moves out in January to go away to school, I plan on giving my middle son his room and taking the middle son's room as my stitching room. It will have a trundle bed for the oldest to sleep in if he wants to visit, but other than that, it will be my very own room! Can't wait!

    Great pictures. Congrats on your corner.


  5. Thank you so much for the compliments!! I miss my window! Hubby did not like the idea that someone could potentially peep in, thus the change with covering it. I do love my cave though. I'm a bit strange though, I love it most because it's all mine, but close second to that is the fact that it is away from the hubby and boys. No gaming noises, no questions about anything, just peace and quiet and all mine :)