Tuesday, April 17, 2012

6 Fat Men Moeusday SAL and other pics

Okay, so the 6.F.M. SAL is supposed to be on Monday's, but my Monday was so busy I just didn't get a chance.  So I pretended today was Monday, thus the birth of Moeusday.  I did get to work on for a bit today, not as much as I'd hoped.  It was another packed day and by the time I got settled in to stitch it was early evening.  It took awhile to adjust back to the small count of the fabric.  And man, I do not like that fabric.  It just seems to get so "loose" or something and really makes it a p.i.t.a. to work with.  But here is what I got done today on him...not much...
Just the little house got finished.  We'll call my errors changes artistic differences and I just wanted a different floor plan and color scheme for my house :)

Last week was a week of smalls and I worked on personal Christmas ornies.  I did get some unfinished finishes done.  One of these guys has already been shown as an unfinished finish, but the other two are new :)

Now this next little guy is from the Easy Cross Stitch magazine I have. The one I have ended up not liking to stitch from.  Me and their patterns just do not jive very well.  Which means sometime this weekend I'll need to go change my project goals.  Luckily I did find some more snowmen ornies to swap out with :)

I got the car inspected today so it is all legal now..thank goodness.  Now I need to get the alignment done and the fuel filter changed.  Oil change and fixing the hole in the air filter casing is also at the top of the list.  Then we need to get the transmission looked at to see what we are up against there.  Once we get the filter casing fixed, we'll have to wait and see if the engine light comes on again.  If it does I have an air flow system problem somewhere that we will have to track down.  Then we need to start saving for the transmission fluid/filter, etc to be changed.  Chevy didn't make it cheap on this car, that is for sure!  Once we get the alignment done we'll be putting Tyler back behind the wheel and getting him up to speed for his drivers license.  Lord help me!  After being cooped up in the house for so long with the car being wrecked, it is weird getting back into the groove of taking care of all the household stuff again.  Feels like I'm hardly home!!  Tomorrow Seb has counseling, and Ty needs to call AC and set up his appointment with Student Support Services.  I'll have to run BACK out to Walmart to pick up one of my prescriptions that wasn't ready today and I need to remember to pick up laundry detergent while I am there.  I packed up a little ornament project to take with me to Seb's counseling so I can stitch while I'm waiting.  Now that I can do, it seems like I have a never ending to do list...but I am very thankful that I can go and do again!  It feels good to get out of the house and be a little more productive!!  Okay, that's enough whining and pictures for today!!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful stitching day!


  1. Moeusday is Great! And you did a great job with your "artistic" house! :) I love your snowmen ornies.

  2. Great job on the SAL. The changes are what make the piece uniquely yours :) Cute ornies.


  3. Hello

    You sound like you are in for a busy time.

    Your Fat Men SAL is looking great and with your changes it will be different from everyone else's.

    Happy stitching!

  4. Your 6 Fat Men looks great. All the snowman ornies are adorable too! Have a good day!

  5. Some days it feels like you hit the ground running before school and don't stop until long after, doesn't it? I like your little ornies. Have you decided how to finish them? :) I am making a WAG that you love snowmen. They're quite adorable!

  6. I will probably finish the ornies as pillow ornaments....again. As far as ornaments go, it is probably the way that appeals to me most :) And yep, I love snowmen!!! My whole Christmas/winter decor revolves around snowmen, although I do have 4 or 5 little decorative Christmas trees from the dollar that I put out. I need to quit working on my snowmen though and get started on the family ornies!
    Thank you for the wonderful comments on my 6FM as this project is really challenging me and I do not feel any confidence about it whatsoever!

  7. Wow what a great start! Welcome to the group there's now 12 of us. I love this SAL (my first also)and even though I haven't gotten much stitched (I work on it for a good 4 hours on Mondays I must stitch really slow. I like the fabric color you chose. Mine is a blue grey which reminds me of where I live!