Saturday, April 21, 2012

My babies :)

Okay, so a non-stitchy post today :)  I recently asked a fellow blogger to see pics of her adorable chihuahua fur babies.  I thought I would return the favor and post pics of my 5 fur babies.

This is Dolly in her favorite spot.  She is otherwise known as Dolly Molly or Dolly Lhama.  She is Seb's dog.  She is the one we think might have some fatty cancerous tumors.  Dolly is one of the most mellow dogs I've ever seen.  She's pretty darn quiet.  Amazingly though, she is one hec of a vicious guard dog.  Do not ever enter our fence or house without one of us with you because Dolly will tear you up otherwise!!  Unfortunately Dolly is also the dumbest dog I've ever seen.  If you could see into her eyes, you would know it too.  You can just see that the light is on, but no one is home.

Meet Angel, a terrier mix.  Otherwise known as "chunk chunk".  yes, she is one solid chunk.  She is such a doll though!!  Officially she is Tyler's dog.

Now this one is all mommy's girl.  Meet Cashew.  She is a Jack Russell/Pug mix.  She loves her mommy and goes nuts if mommy is gone!  Oh, and yes, you can tell a little that I love snowmen by my coffee table in the back!

Ahh, the great Tasalhof Burfoot Markham.  She is "James's" dog, but really, she is so loving and easy going she is everyone's dog.  She is our most social dog of them all.  We have found very little that she does not like and she loves everybody!!

Dolly, Tas, Cashew and Angel were all rescued.  They were either adopted from the pound or the SPCA.  Angel and Cashew were the most abused/neglected and it shows in their personalities.  Angel is the most timid and skittish.  She's even afraid of the dark and won't go outside at night without someone with her and a big light on.  Cashew is also pretty darn afraid of people.

Last, but not least, is Princess Issabella. She is a "blue" chihuahua.  She is the "baby" (not in age though) of the family.  She has had luxating patella surgery on both back legs.  She is mostly daddy's girl and has almost an obsessive love/fascination with him, but yet she also loves everyone.  She is definitely momma's girl when she is not feeling good though.  Issy is the only dog I have ever bought.  I saw her and just could not resist her.  I had never seen a grey chihuahua, nor have I seen one with a nose as long as hers. 

All our doggies are extremely spoiled, and although 2 may "belong" to the boys, they are very much a pack and all sleep in my bedroom.  I know for a fact the boys will not be moving out with their dogs, it would be very traumatic for the fur babies!!  I hope you enjoyed meeting my babies!



  1. Aww! Your furbabies are so cute! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! they are all so adorable!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the sweet pics and telling us a little about each one. What a good idea for a blog post!

  4. Aww... they are all so adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures!