Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Okay, I know this isn’t stitching related, but I have a kitty question.  As most of you know, the kitties are new critters to us (okay, yes x1 year since we raised them since 1 day old, but we’ve only ever had dogs) and we are unfamiliar with things that can happen with kitties (other than UTI’s).  Logan had what appeared to be a bite for some sort on his mouth a few weeks to a month ago.  It was in the upper lip, back corner of one side.  I check on it every few days or so and it kind of spread on that upper lip and I didn’t worry too much.  Figured bite needs to heal.  Then it got into the crack/corner of his lip and spread into the bottom portion.  Just that corner of that side.  Well, checking tonight, it is starting the exact same way on the OTHER side now.  And the original side isn’t even healed up yet!  AND, he has a red spot right between his nose/lip area where it looks like it might be coming up there.  It almost starts out like a popped pimple, little puffiness, etc.  Their food was changed about 6 weeks ago, catnip changed brands right before this started.  So I’m not sure if it’s an allergy to one of these, although it times more in line with the catnip change than the food change, or if cats can get herpes or what?  Gambit doesn’t have anything like it and they clean each other, fight and tussle, etc.  No doggies or humans have it either.  It appears to be exclusive to Logan only.  He is indoor only and never ever ventures out.  I have no clue what to do.  He is eating fine, drinking fine, nothing that is yelling at me, VET NOW.  But, as far as I know, unlike dogs, cats can not have anything human OTC.  dogs are so much easier, think it’s an allergy, I know how much benadryl to give them, how much robitussin, aspirin, tramadol, ointments to use, peroxide, you name it.  Cats, I know NOTHING.  I know of no supplements, ointments, anything.  So for those of you with kitty experience, if you have any idea what this could be, or what I can try to do to treat at home, it would be greatly appreciated.  Don’t worry, I have no qualms taking him to the vet, but since it doesn’t seem to be serious I would like to try and figure it out and treat at home.  (Yes, I’ve taken a dog to the vet before who appeared to be losing weight, she was just growing…yeah, so don’t worry, if we can’t figure it out and it doesn’t heal, he gets to go for a car ride!!)

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  1. Sounds like a skin allergy one of my cats used to get, though of course a vet would know for sure. It was caused by food. Tried some different brands and 9Lives was all that didn't cause it. You can give him benadryl, I give my skinny girl kitty 1/4 of the powder out of a cap and 1/2 the powder to my big chunky (well over 10, prolly 15 pound) boy.