Saturday, May 25, 2013

Animal Friday….

Okay, I know, but I will post a stitchy pic tomorrow when I finish my week on rotation Smile  In the meantime, I thought some of you might like to see a current pic of Gambit and Logan.  Some have been following since they were only a few days old and have watch them grow and encouraged me as we ventured in new territory caring for these two babies.  They are a year old now can you believe it?  Gambit still takes after his name and is the sweetest mischievous brat I know!!  He loves to butt heads and love on you.  And he’ll lay on your chest and get to purring, but he still has to nuzzle your face.  He gladly accepts hugs and kisses, even on the face.  He’s the one that likes the outdoors and loves to go out with the doggies.  He also will sit on command for a treat, like the doggies.  Both kitties line up with the doggies for treat.  Here is my handsome guy Gambit:

SSPX0016Yep, he’s looking for trouble.  Actually, he was loving all over James and I and following us all around to help guarantee some outside time Smile


Logan is the quieter of the two.  He will come and love on you and loves to curl up on your chest and knead and suckle at your shirt.  He does not like kisses and hugs though.  He also is petrified of outside and is most content sitting in the window.  I’m afraid Gambit terrorizes him some of the time.  I’m happy to report that the sores in his mouth are clearing up!!!  I don’t know if it was the grain free food, the change in the water bowl, or simply finding out that he really prefers to drink from a running faucet and giving him lots of opportunity to do this.  They’ve not had any of the catnip for awhile either.  I want them to clear up just a little more, which means no sign of them, then I may try the catnip and see if that was what triggered it.  I’m thinking not, I’m guessing it was the grain free food.  Anyway, here is a pic of my laid back Logan:

SSPX0015he loves to nap in the laundry room.  Usually it’s on that pink towel as I don’t normally have the clean clothes scattered about.  But he figured if we’re being too lazy to put the clothes away, he will take full advantage.


And of course, I have the 2 green-eyed monsters following me around and getting offended that I was taking pics of the kitties.  So of course I had to snap their pics for you too.

SSPX0018Ms. Cashew

SSPX0017Ms. Issabella


Tas, Dolly, Miles and Shelby must of either been outside or were curled up with someone.  I’ll get them a different time.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the babies!!


  1. Aww cutie babies.. Kisses x

  2. Great pictures of your fur babies!

  3. I love the pictures. You did a great job putting the post together