Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things I have learned.....Edited

So it has been about amonth since I have staarted cross stitching. I have learned several things!!

1. Count, count and count again. Ialways thought I was pretty good at counting, but now wonder as I still always seem to be off somewhere in my stitchy projects. I am trying to slow down and focus more. I am a little better at counting than when I first began!

2. You don't have to start in the middle! My first project, starting in the middle, just did not turn out well. In fact, I refuse to finish it but will keep it for prosperity. It will always be a shining example of how far I have come!!

3. If you don't start in the middle, leave 2-3 inches around the edge!! I am currently working on a little project that was my first for starting in the top left corner. The count on it is much better, but I really didn't leave much room around the edge. Finishing it will be interesting!

4. Finishing ornies is not as easy as it looks!! Of course it doesn't help that the craft board that I got to finish it with is just a booger. Really look at what you are purchasing, play with it in the store if necessary before purchasing. This might help you avoid purchasing a huge sheet of craft board that you hate!!

5. Stitching can be just as orgasmic as quilting!! As a previous quilter, there was nothing like going in a fabric store and just looking at all the beautiful fabrics. Touching them, smelling them, dreaming about them. I wasn't so sure cross stitching would give me that same feeling, but ah yes, put me in front of the DMC display and there it is. I want every color!! They look so pretty!! Lord help me when I branch in to other types of thread!

6. Beware of patterns!! Oh my! I have particular design themes that I like. It would seem this would narrow your field greatly, but oh no! There are hundreds of designs in any theme you can dream up!! 1 or 2 patterns is never enough!!

7. Watch out for your needles!! I don't have a dedicated stitching spot. Nor do I have supplies of a certain type yet. This means, when I'm using multiple needles for different color threads in the pattern they get stuck on the arm of chair of the couch, or just in the comforter beside me in bed. And yes, if I have run out of thread, but don't need to re-thread immediately, and empty needle gets stuck there too. These needles are always lost and then found in the most uncomfortable ways!!

I am loving my cross stitching. I am not all that good yet, but practice makes perfect. There are so many delicious designs out there I don't think I will ever be done "practicing"!!


8. I have learned this loop stitch thing for when you are using 2 threads. No more ugly knots!! Now if only you could do it with any number of threads!!!

9. I have learned that threads love to tangle. Shorter lengths help avoid this, but I sure wish I knew a more sure fire trick!

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