Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Weeks!

You know the phrase when it rains it pours? Yep, that has been our life lately it seems. I did drag my guys out over to Aunt Denise's to clean...we just never quiet made it there. We were letting Ty get some driving hours in. Long story short, yep, he's learning, yep, he wrecked the car. So we are carless until tax returns and we can fix it. It's mostly bumper/radiator/front end stuff. But there is still that leaking manifold gasket at a 800 buck repair. Ty has court Thursday and we'll ask for defensive driving. I did my baking the day before Thanksgiving. I made the dressing, candied yams and pumpkin crunch. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving was moved to granny's instead of Aunt D's because Aunt D became sick. She has been in the hospital. I talked to her today and she is feeling much better, finally holding a little bit down and may be released tomorrow if she is able to eat solid foods. Tyler has been doing the "I procrastinated my hours" crunch on his math class. He would've completed all 60 for an A in the class except...... Yeah, he got sick. He called me yesterday from campus and asked me to make him a dr appointment. He NEVER asks to go to the doctor, if he does you know he is feeling really rotten. He had had a cough over the weekend and I was figuring sinus infection. James picked him up and took him to the dr. The dr took one look down his throat and said "oh this is bad". Ty has strep throat! It doesn't hurt! How weird is that? He has an immune deficiency so once he gets an infection it can get bad fast. Out of curiosity I looked down his throat after he got home and boy it did look bad! How it doesn't hurt I do not know!! He only has 27 of his 60 hours completed. He has to have at least 42 to make a D in the class. That will put him on academic warning, so he can make no mistakes next term. He had to stay home today he was feeling just too awful. I'm giving the anti-biotics a few days and if his energy level doesn't boost back up I'm taking him back to be tested for mono. On the stitchy side, I've been a bad girl. This holiday weekend and week I've been reading more than stitching. Some gals over on Stitching Sisters turned me on to this Anita Blake series. I have fallen in love with it and have been escaping into reading. I did get the Markham family ornaments all stitched. I do have to finish mounting them though. I have a few of them mounted, but I am HORRIBLE at mounting them. I only found 1 "tutorial" (yes, I do get impatient) and it mounts them on thin board with batting. I thought I would be smart and get that crafters board that is soft in the middle, hard board on the outside. Yeah, it's changed since I've lasted used it and I hate working with it. But I hopefully I will learn a better way to mount them next year and we can all laugh at this years when I do so much better next year!! I got my nephew's presents stitched and will look for frames this weekend. Aunt Denise's friend had her baby on the 24th so I need to go in and add that date and then she can take it to get it framed. I think tonight I will get back on to my stitching. I still have to stitch something for hubby and Ty.


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  1. Sounds like you've had a busy time of it!

    I use thin cardboard and batting to mount my ornaments to. If you look at my flatfold tutorial, you can see the cardboard and my mounting method. I basically do the same thing for ornaments.