Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It is finished!!

I can’t believe it!  The Lord’s Prayer is finished!  It turned out pretty darn good.  It does have one pretty major mistake, but for it being pretty major, I don’t think non-cross stitchers will catch it, so I did leave it be.  As long as I don’t tell what it is, I think it will be ok Smile  Wanna see it? 


It is my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary gift.  she didn’t want me to have it framed though and try to ship it framed, so she will have it framed.  I will be mailing it out today Smile  I’m so happy!!

So I have Ty’s wolves on the snaps, Whistler’s Coyote and I finally got it gridded, at least enough to start it.  I’m going to go ahead and put the HAED on the snaps and start gridding it but I still need to floss shop for it.  Since those are 3 more “complicated”  (I call anything with lots of confetti stitching complicated) I need to pick out 1 more that is an easy stitch.  That will give me 4 projects, and hopefully I can do a weekly rotation with them.    Goodness knows I only have about 20-25 things picked out for “this year” and they aren’t “smalls” either.  And to top it off…I keep buying more!!

On the foster pup note, I am happy to announce that she has a middle name, Seb picked it out, she is now…drum roll please…Shelby Alabama.  Now, for those of you who do not know us, the bestowing of a middle name is a very special day in our household.  It comes with the bestowing of your very own permanent ceramic doggie bowl because it means you are a permanent member of the household!  Yes, James caved.  Lord help us!!  We are trying to work with her shredding every toy in the house and anything else that happens to fall on the floor…pens, pencils, inhalers, shoes, leather jackets….  I’m hoping once my foot heals and I’m more mobile I’ll be able to work with her more.  I think the clincher for James was when the next door neighbor came out and was calling her and saying “come to mama” and Shelby looked at her, put her hackles up and growled!!  Good girl Shelby!!  She knows what love is now. 

Ty applied to Burger King and got a part time job there.  It is a start.  At least he was able to tell them about his epilepsy and still get the job.  So things on the home front are doing pretty good too!


  1. Beautiful finish! Where did you find this pattern/kit?

  2. @ Lulu: i got it on a silkweaver facebook sale. It is The Lord's Prayer by Bea and Chris from Studio Seven.

  3. It looks beautiful, and what a wonderful anniversary gift!

  4. Lovely finish! What a beautiful gift that will be!

  5. What an awesome gift...well done!

  6. Congratulations on the finish

  7. Thanks for the migraine advice :) I will give it a try next time I get one.

    Lovely finish, it will be a treasured gift :)