Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm back....

Woo Hoo!!  I have the laptop back and can post pictures!!  I have been using the hubby's tablet and that thing just does not work with trying to post pictures on here!  After finishing the wolf, I picked up Halloween House and am about halfway through it.  I need ink for the printer to make working copies of the next two pages and it is put up until I do that.  So in the meantime, I picked up 6 Fat Men.  Here is how that is coming :)

I'm stitching it on 14 ct Aida Snowstorm Opalescent.  I'm adoring the way it is turning out on that fabric.

Oh and those kitty babies?

They are such precious additions.  We love them dearly.  Their newest thing is to knock off our drinks from the night stands in the night.  Waking up to "splash" is not fun.  Well, and they don't do it just at night either.  If there is a cup, with liquid, and it can be knocked off, it will be.  If it's empty, they aren't interested.  They exhibit some canine behaviors.  They run to the door with the dogs when the dogs bark because someone knocks.  They line up to beg for table scraps.  But they are still just the sweetest little devils!  Gambit is fascinated with outside.  He is an escape artist and can sneak out that door faster than a bullet.  He did get out one time with no one knowing it.  He was out all night and i could not find him all the next day.  We were all just sick.  James and Tas found him that evening and he was scared to death, but no harm had come to him.  Thank God. 

It is hard to believe 2012 is coming to a close.  I look back with all the stitching goals I had and it is a good laugh!!  I did 5 or 6 ornaments, a birth record, the wolf and I'm pretty sure I can finish 6 Fat Men.  I have learned my lesson and have very much slimmed down my selection for 2013.  I do have an HAED on the list for 2013, but it is not on the expected FINISH list.  Won't be long now until it is time for a total update of the blog :)  Hopefully now with the laptop back I can get back to a more regular blogging.  I don't have my camera so will have to use the tablet for pics, but that is ok.  At least I can do pics now!!!  Yay!!!


  1. Lovely progress on your stitching! Opalescent fabric is fantastic with this design :)

  2. I'm adoring your Six Fat Men on opalescent fabric, too! It looks fantastic. Your kitties sound wonderful!

  3. Great progress. It looks great and that fabric. Such cute little kitties. Our cat will try to drink out of any glass or cup on my bedside table. He does that by sticking his paw in the glass and licking the water off. However he usually does manage to knock to off so I have had to keep a bottle bedside my bed instead.