Monday, January 16, 2012

Manic Monday

Before this weekend on wolf.
So I stitched on "A Beautiful Wolf" this weekend.  I went to thread a color last night and the bobbin was missing.  It was late so I though, okay, bag it and look for it tomorrow.  Well, I've searched high and low for it and can not find it.  Why do I get the feeling one of the furs took off with it.  Going through all my thread, I DO NOT have another skein of this color!  So, no more wolf until I'm able to order that color.  So I thought, well, ok.  I wanted to start on "Recipe for a Snowman" anyway, so I started to kit it up.  How in the world, in all the thread ordering I did last month did I miss 5 colors needed for that one?  But I did it.  So no snowman.  So, I pulled "A Home Is Made" to work on.  I won't be ordering any more thread or anything until tax returns.  But I do have a wonderful project to work on.  Go figure, it's a Monday!!!
After this weekend on wolf:


  1. LOL, what a day you've had. Wolf looks good though.

  2. The floss monsters have been at your place too then lol... i always loose floss that I KNOW I've ordered but just dont have anywhere. Great progress on wolf

  3. Wolf looks very pretty, despite all the trouble!